Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rover Boys

The Rover Boys series started of with the story of three boys. These three boys call were Dick, tomcat and Sam. The three little boys dod to adventure and try upstart things that would challenge them. When they were young these three boys went to bloody shame-hill Cadet Academy and had a whole bunch of exciting moments. As these boys grew up they met the love of their lives and made whole bunch of enemies. Dick got married to the pretty Dora Wilson, they inclined to a small cabin by profit Water Lake. Soon after Tom married iodine of Doras cousin-german, Nellie Wilson. Tom and Nellie decided to move in with Dick and Dora, so Tom build a cabin onto the cabin his blood brother Dick had purchased. Months later finally Sam decides to pop the misgiving and he asked the love of his life Mary Wilson another cousin of Dora to be his wife. Sam and Mary decide to also move in with his brother Dick, so he builds a accessory to the cabin Dick purchased but on the opposite align of Toms add-on. All three brothers lived to go awayher with their wives and they were all matchless walloping happy family. A couple years go by and its Thanksgiving, Dick and Dora let Tom,Sam,Nellie and Mary know that there family is gonna get slightly larger. Dora was pregnant with a baby boy!

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Tom and Sam pride their brother Dick, while Nellie and Mary congratulate Dora on the wonderful new news. Interesting enough that serious after Dick and Dora told them their good news, that Tom and Nellie also had rough good news. Nellie w also pregnant, but with twins! The whole family was filled with joy and they all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. baseball club months go by and Doras baby finally arrives. Healthy and truly chunky, they decide to name him Jack after his grandpa. Nellie very before long after her two twins were brought into this world, very healthy and feel a lot like Tom, they decide to name one of them Andy and the other one Randy. Months go by and Sam and Mary were then expecting a baby girl. A year goes by and all the children are healthy, Sam and...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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