Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ethnocentrism - Saint Lucia

gyp\n holy man Lucia is a resplendent island country where life moves slow. close to residents of deification Lucia are descendants of African slaves. The majority of the islanders babble English, which is their official vocabulary. The rural world also speaks an oral language called Patois. Saint Lucians are hard-working and fun-loving passel. worship plays an important role their red-hots and in their community activities and in the schools (p. 2).\n\nSaint Lucia\nSaint Lucians are cozy and openly satisfying visitors to their island home. They are non pretentious. They are confrontational and will loudly maintain their point of view. The residents of Saint Lucia live on Lucian time, where they like not to stick to strict schedules. Although there are class divisions, the passel of Saint Lucia stand unified. The antheral population is still frame to their macho mannerisms and attitudes, but the modernistic Saint Lucian women are no longer tolerant of these atti tudes anymore. The flock of Saint Lucia prefer to trick out neatly in victorian attire that suits their occupation and status. about professionals wear uniforms or gussy up in simple slacks, skirts, and shirts. The jr. crowd prefers to dress in Western fashion from the fall in States (p. 2).\nWhen visitors come to Saint Lucia, they are greeted respect completey and feel welcome on the island. The residents greet individually other with nicknames which they use quite than their given names. The children are actually respectful and call their elders by their titles or professional names. many a(prenominal) adults use gestures and non-verbal communication to alleviate make the most of a conversation. In keeping with their set(p) back attitudes, Saint Lucians prefer to just drop by for a visit sort of of giving any previous notification. They rise early in order to complete their jobs and chores onward the heat of the day. Most Saint Lucians eat a igniter breakfast that ma y match bread, fruits, and a beverage such(prenominal) as tea. Many people come home fo... If you lack to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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