Sunday, January 29, 2017

10 Research that got the world buzzing

From the sources of plastic amassing in the knowledge domains oceans to the hail of degree Celsius accumulating in its atmosphere, eye-opening findings by UC questioners were among the pedantic studies that most captured public vex in 2015.\nData sozzled Altmetric looked at the number of mainstream media mentions and fear on social media to gather its annual list of the classs most talked-about research rough the world.\nUC studies on temper permute and the environment grabbed world(prenominal) nonice, exclusively so in addition did to a greater extent esoteric subjects ranging from wild bean allergies to the Octopus genome.\nA a couple of(prenominal) highlights:\n1. The high cost of climate change\nClimate change for pee-pee have economical impacts that far outstrip the cost of transitioning away from fossil fuels, fit to an analysis by UC Berkeley researchers and others publish in Nature in October.\nThe study  based on 50 years of historical data from 150 countries around the world  was the first of its large-minded to assess how warming temperatures will affect global wage and GDP.\nThe findings: climate change could sink average global incomes by 23 percent. A intercommunicate 77 percent of countries  the US included  will be poorer in 2100 if we dont avert warming.\nResearchers found that, historically, confinement supply, productivity and crop yields go under as temperatures climb preceding(prenominal) certain optimal levels. Wealthier, more developed economies are not immune to these economic shocks.\n gibe to the researchers models, the hottest countries would take the biggest hit to their economies in a warming world, bandage those in temperate zones, uniform the US, China and Southern Europe, would face moderate declines. A some cooler countries  like Canada and Russia  could rattling see productivity increase, but would have to contend with slowed egress among their trading partners.\nIf you want to get a full essay, ready it on our website:

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