Thursday, October 20, 2016

Why concussions are a concern for sports beyond football

\nWhen it comes to amusements-related concussions, piss polo probably isnt the original-year thing that comes to mind.\n\nUC Irvine physiologist James Hicks has third sons who all played weewee polo. Watching them compete, he find how physical the sport loafer be elbows, head butts, the screwball flying at extravagantly speeds. His oldest son once had to be dragged out of the pool afterwards suffering a blow.\n\n even when he searched for concussion info on water polo, he realized there was well-nigh nothing out there.\n\nIn the nations first such study to esteem concussion risk in water polo, Hicks and his team ar surveying athletes, firing balls at a crash-test dummy and provide players with G-force monitors in their caps to land the intensity of head doctors.\n\nIn a survey of tight 1,500 athletes, about 36% tell they had suffered a concussion bit playing water polo. 60% of goalies who played college or high said they experienced binary concussions. For goa lies, the risk appears highest during practices, when they face a barrage of shots.\n\nimage\nOuch. \n\nUC Irvine technology students found that while pep pill matters, so does largeness. Reducing inflation pressure lowered the impact of force and could be single easy way that the sport could increase player safety, Hicks said.\n\nI think water polo is a great game, Hicks said. As a physiologist, I want to cope what can we learn about the game to better fake it.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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