Friday, February 7, 2014

Lord Of The Flies Essay

master of the Flies Symbolism Essay In the have Lord of the Flies William Golding uses the conch as a form of symbolism in the book. The conch symbolizes authority, piece, and leadership. In the book whoever holds the conch has the world condition to bawl out and stack provided talk when he holds the conch. The conch is use as a bill to get everyones attention and the more they used the weaker the conch gets. And the conch is an of the essence(p) symbol in the book. The conch symbolizes authority because the conch is the sons voice. Whoever holds the conch has the power to speak and nobody commode interrupt or throw them. For example, Thats what this shells called. Ill give the conch to the next person to speak. He can hold it when hes speaking.(33).Which is said by Ralph saying that whoever holds the conch has the right to speak. In the beginning the conch meant a lot to the boys because thats the only thing they had to follow. Thats the only time whe n they in truth listened to what someone had to say. And when Ralph is holding the conch they recognize him and accept him as their leader. The conch symbolizes instal because its the law that the boys cant break. Each person had to follow rules in drift to however and they all had to work together and stay together in order to survive. And when Piggy was murdered the conch was broken into pieces this means that when he was murdered it was chaos, the rules that were set no longer existed and it was total chaos. orphic code cared what they were doing, they would do things without thinking and the meaning of the conch grumbled. The conch symbolizes leadership because the boys would keep the fire going or put to work timberland or something. And then they got spli t into tribes and one was turds tribe and t! he other was Ralphs. And everything changed from then on community started to die and nobody...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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