Monday, February 3, 2014

Concepts and Term Quiz Bshs 441

Concepts and Terms Quiz BSHS/441 C.W 10-15-2012 1. Describe 2 of the various types of counterpoint resolution. Advocates and Mediators argon the two main types of conflict resolution practice in umteen professions today. To prevent situations from spiraling come out of the closet of control, intermediarys argon used to keep an fair to middling counterbalance between two irrelevant parties. Advocates sens often do the same, precisely ar to a greater extent for one berth indeed both. Advocate does help bring in a equal balance of power if one side seems to have the upper-hand in the conflicts (Barsky, 2007, e book). 2. What is a conflict of refer? Conflict of engross is when an counselor may have personalized dealings with the party, which can tip the scale creating an unequal balance during mediation. Another edit that arises that bowel movements conflict of interest is if the intercessor or advocate has strong beliefs that are different fro m that of the parties. If this is the case, these can cause an unjust advantage for the opposing party. 3. Define Neutrality. Neutrality when concerning advocacy or mediation professions is when one stays as a sluggish grounds between two opposing parties. As a mediator this person must stay on immaterial grounds and not take sides of either party. The mediator or judge must look for the best interest of both parties involved. Often neutrality is a given with mediation, because the mediator has no interest in the outcome, only interest in the rectitude for both parties involved. 4. Define Confidentiality. Confidentiality has many different meanings, but in the professional field and healthy field this has many legal laws attached to it. According to the glossary, in Conflict blockage (2012, ebook. varlet 348), there are two types of Confidentialities in mediation, spread out or non-confidential. The rule is that the mediator cannot release any info to the p ublic or courts without both parties consent! (Barsky, 2007, Glossary). Professions such as counseling, hospitals, advocacy and much more has...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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