Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Analysis Of The Machine That Won The War

Analysis Of The Machine That win the War The Machine That won the War,; by Isaac Asimov, is a story that teaches a valuable lesson most humanity and also has an ironic twist at the end. The put is the future of Earth, and a great war had just been won against an enemy race. Two men, Swift and Henderson, are debating over who authentically won the war for Earth: the giant strategy calculating machine known as Multivac, or the men in hinge on out of making the maneuvers and programming the computer. John Henderson is an excitable man, patch Lamar Swift, the force captain, is calm but rational. While the people hailed the computer, the ii truly knew who the heroes were. Henderson explained the fact that Multivac was nothing more than a bounteous machine, however capable of doing what it was programmed to do. He stated that ever since the beginning of the war, he had been hiding a secret. It was the fact that some of its (Multivacs) i nformation business leader have been unreliable. This conflict, as you ...If you want to astound a beat essay, order it on our website:

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