Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sea Is Rising

The popular var. The Sea is Rising by comfort N Eso is entertaining, informative and important.The lyrics to a popular song is to be entertaining, informative and important to both individuals and society. It makes a serious issue, gambol and appealing to youth by means of the lyrics and rhythm of the music.

The writer is ratting us of the problems of global warming and wars caused by religion. Yet we flake on through the night while the burgs are break up and the sea is rising and why are they shooting these victims oer their view on religion.

The poetic technique rhyme yea why do we all search for love alike(p) we got cupids addiction why with politicians you cant tell the truth from the fiction,gives it a rap rhythm which make the song entertaining and catchy. In the chorus it has abac style rap which adds to the rhythm.The haggling s**t,collision,f****d,condition and conviction gives the writer an angry annoyed tone. S**t Id rather an asteroid due for collision and so make love the planet got f****d by the human being condition. Sing the tune with conviction! The tone indicates anger rough global warming, war and religion.

This song is important because it points out the prodigious problems earth is facing due to humans.

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The writer states Even though we bop that the earth is weak we still bomb severally other and idol what the churches speak. This is also highlighted in the chorus on the writers view on global warming. And all I know is the sun is shining, yet we fight on through the night while the burgs are melting and the sea is rising. I dont know so I ask them why. The writer keeps on expression how crazy religion and war are and the major effectuate of global warming on the Earth.

The writers claim was to point out how badly humans are effecting the Earth, which they cook done very clearly.This is represented in the song lyrics and is presented in a very informative and entertaining way through the rhythm of the song.If you want to get a full essay, revision it on our website: Orderessay

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