Monday, February 11, 2013

Maths B Assignment

Earlier this year, during term 3 in our intents grant we had conducted an investigation to find that a thumpings doing fits a parabolical function. thus the analysis procedure will be easier through with(p) with a quadratic regression analysis.
The aim of this appellation is to investigate the rate of change on a ball parabolic as it moves up and down an inclined plane.
time (sec)| distance (m)|
0| 3.9|
0.5| 2.6|
1.0| 1.7|
1.5| 1.1|
2.0| 0.9|
2.5| 1|
3.0| 1.5|
3.5| 2.2|
4.0| 3.4|
4.5| 4.8|
Table 1.1: Balls Data
The spare-time activity data in Table 1.1 was given to me by my teacher.

fountainhead 1
(a) The tucker out the points shown in graphical record 1.1 I move the data from Table 1.1 into a TI interactive inclination of an orbit and plotted and XY scatter plot.

As can be seen, Graph 1.1 shows that the graph follows a parabolic motion. Hence it can be modeled to the form y = ax2 + bx + c.
(b) Graphs Regression
Below graphs 1.2 is the regression of the balls motion that is shown in Q1.a. To find the regression I used the stat slowness function in TI interactive to find the equality of the motion and therefore putting that equation onto the graph.
The equation of the function is, y = .7x2 2.9x + 3.9.

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After doing the stat calculation it is found that the regression suits the plot.

Question 2:
(a) To find the tangent I am development the Tangent Function in TI Interactive. This wreak is shown below.
To get at the specific points that I wanted I had to click on the tangent button in GRAPH on TI Interactive and then choose the value of x that I wanted in the box that is labelled with x. This is shown in flick 1.1.
Image 1.1: Tangent Process

Show Label
The x value

To calculate the careen I ticked that says SHOW LABEL to show the equation of the tangent. This to a fault means that the tangent follows the equation y = mx + c. Therefore the slope will be the value of m.
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