Monday, February 11, 2013

Losers In Life

Losers in life
Life is like a hurdle work; multitude in life are like firsts in a hurdle race. They do to overcome difficulties as the tallyners have to jump over the hurdles on the track. Some runners cannot pullageway the hurdles. They fall to the ground and lose the race. It is also true of sight in life. People may be defeated by difficulties and setbacks and become losers too. How they react to failure and what attitudes they adopt determine their nitty-gritty of life.
Some people, who have been defeated by difficulties, stand up again and go on with their struggle, may be called “ speak losers.” On the race track, we often see some antagonist falls heavily to the ground while others dash ahead. The matchless who falls has minute chance to win. But he stands up, and resumes the run, ignore the pain of bruises. Spectators applaud for him although he does not win the race. “ bridge over losers” mind little whether they win or not. They stick to the quest and never give up. The Scottish hero Williams is such an example. Williams was caught by English aristocrats. His death was inevitable, yet he wouldn’t pink mercy. Although he knew he lost the struggle, and couldn’t win emancipation for his countrymen, he fought to the very end of his life. Losers like him win people’s admiration.

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Unlike “run-on” losers, “run-no-more” losers have no resolution to fight or try again when encountering setbacks and difficulties. When a runner fails to jump over a hurdle, he withdraws from the race and watches others run forward. “Run-no-more losers”, with great aspiration for success in life and little anticipation for failure, lose hope, courage and spirit once defeated. unrivaled big blow terminates their effort. In retreating, they allow what they seek to pass them. They allow what they seek to pass them. “Run-no-more losers” seldom catch what they neediness from life.
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